Here's my Boosey and Hawkes cornet


The cornet is the compact British version of the trumpet. Besides the look, the only real difference between it and it's longer cousin is that the sound is slightly mellower and lesser known. It is usually used in the Salvation Army brass bands.

To the BeginnerEdit

Just like with the trumpet, you will have puffy, red, tired lips at first, and have a hard time getting very high. But, with practice, you'll be the star of the band. Remember, the more you practice, the less valve oil you'll need, and anything that comes out of the spit-valve (usually on the tube below the valves and on the right-hand side) is just condensation, not actual spittle. And empty it frequently. Don't be worried if your sound starts to pop and sound bubbly. Emptying your spit-valve will solve this problem.

See the trumpet article for more beginner info.

True or FalseEdit

Cornet is easier to learn than trumpet: True and False. Depending on who you talk to, cornet can be easier or harder. I, Mel1995 learned on a cornet, being part of a Salvation Army, and have never tried trumpet (to this day). However, a friend also learned on cornet and when she borrowed a trumpet at her school, found it to be easier. But, a large part of this is the mouthpiece that you're using. By just changing your mouthpiece, you can change how you play, the sound you create, and most importantly, how easy it it to play.