The euphonium is a valve instrument, like the trumpet, cornet and baritone, and like all except the trumpet, is common in Salvation Army brass bands. It's usually a C insturment and it compares to the trombone the same way a cornet compares to a trumpet. It shares the same size mouthpiece as a trombone and plays alot of the same music. They often come with 3 valves but they have been known to have 4 vavles for hitting lower notes or even having 2 bells determined by a 4rth valve. The 2nd bell in a double bell euphonium is equal to a trombonium (an insturment halfway between a trombone and a euphonium). It is an insturment that is commonly started during middle school and is often used along with the trombone/woodwinds parts.

To the BeginnerEdit

Yes, the mouthpiece on a euohonium is huge. Do expect to have chapped lips (unless your climate is a humid one) and plan accordingly. I don't have much else to say besides check out the otherbrass instrument pages for info.

True or FalseEdit

The mouthpiece covers half your face!: It may look that way, but it only covers a large area around your lips.

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