Here's my flute

Flute-In Case

Here it is in it's case, because the other pic isn't very good


The flute is an airy, high pitched instrument that is fairly common. It's usually silver in colour, although gold head-joints are common among ladies who want to wear make-up while playing. If you do not have a gold head-joint, or at the least, lip plate, then your make-up will turn black.

To the BeginnerEdit

Flute will be very difficult at first because a lot of air is needed. You might find it easier to start playing the lower notes and work your way up high. Yes, there are three octaves to the flute, although most young people only know the first two. The other hard thing about playing flute is that the left arm will get tired because of the position you have to be in. If you're starting out by playing in a band, DO NOT rest your arm on the back of the chair, or tuck your elbow to get relief! This will develope into bad habits! Just take a rest.

True or FalseEdit

A lot of air is needed to play: True. If there are any long notes in a piece of music, makes sure to sit up straight and tank up!

More air is needed to go higher: True, to a point. Like I said, three octaves can be played. The low octave needs the most air, but is also the loosest in terms of embachoure, therefore making it easier for beginners. However, the higher you get up, slightly less air is needed in the right place. Just tighten up your lips, point your air in the right direction, and force it out.

The women in the orchestra have gold lip-plates to show how much they get paid: FALSE!!!! They have a gold lip-plate so they can wear make-up. Otherwise a chemical reaction will occur and your make-up will turn black. Besides, you'll get paid more playing basson or oboe than flute.