Template:Infobox military person Lieutenant General Howard Douglas Graham Template:Post-nominals (15 July 1898 – 28 September 1986) was a Canadian Army Officer and former Chief of the General Staff.

Early lifeEdit

Born in Buffalo, New York, he was raised on a farm in Trenton, Ontario. He was called to the Ontario bar in 1922 and practiced law for 17 years in Trenton. During World War I he served with the Canadian Infantry in France, Germany and Belgium.

World War II and beyondEdit

During World War II he served in Britain, France, Sicily and Italy. From 1946 to 1948 he was the Senior Canadian Army Liaison Officer and Army Advisor to the Canadian High Commissioner in London. From 1948 to 1950 he was Vice Chief of General Staff of the Canadian Army. From 1951 to 1955 he was the General Officer Commanding Central Command in Canada. From 1955 to 1958 he was the Chief of the General Staff of the Canadian Army. After retiring in 1958, he was Canadian Secretary to the Queen for the Royal Tour of Canada in 1959 and 1967.[1]

From 1961 to 1966, he was president of the Toronto Stock Exchange.[2]

In 1987, his autobiography, Citizen and Soldier: The Memoirs of Lieutenant-General Howard Graham, was published.[3]




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