== Paint

== Here are a few differant types of paint.

Arcrylic paint Is a slow drying paint. Arcrylic paint is water based and can resemble water colours or oil paint depending on how much water or acrylic gels media or paste are used.

Oil Paint is a slow drying paint usually made out of linseed oil and is pigments suspended in drying oil. Oil paint has been used since the the 12th centurey. Oil paint is a commenly used paint and can take up to weeks to dry which allows the artist to change the painting in the drying time. Oil paint is now used in paint on glass animation. Oil paint is widley known as a fundamental medium, it has the transparancy of human skin which makes it ideal for portraits.

Tempera is fast drying and permanant, it is usually made out of egg yolks milk honey or glue. It was primarly used before 1500 (up until oil paint was invented.) Pigments from medevil paintings were somtimes toxic, but today artists use modern synthetic pigments which are not as toxic and still have the color of the medevil pigments. Unfortuantly they are still dangorous if not stored properly. The correct way would be keeping the pigment wet in order not to breath in the dust. Unlike oil paint you cannot apply it in thick layers but on the bright side tempera does not change color over time while oil paint darkens turns yellow or becomes transparnt with age.

Water colours are a water based paint.