There are several different techniques for painting including pointillism, stroke, wet on dry, wet on wet, oil, and watercolour. Here is an overview of these types of painting:

  • Pointillism uses dots of many different colours to create recognizable shapes.
  • Stroke painting uses strokes to create pictures.
  • Wet on dry is painting a background/lighter colour, letting it dry and then painting overtop with darker colours and details.
  • Wet on wet is painting the colour that will take up more surface area, then while that paint is still wet, blending another colour (or few) to create shading.
  • Oil paints are oil paints. They were favoured in the time of people like Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Watercolouring uses paints that dissolve with water to create very watery-looking scenes. This technique is more difficult for some people than others, but is often worthwhile if it's done well.