The trombone is most known for its ability to slide. In bands, it's actually not very common to have have slides in songs, although when a song does, it sounds really cool. The mouthpiece is really quite big, especially compared to a baritone, trumpet or cornet. The trombone is also, like the euphonium and cornet, very common in Salvation Army brass bands across the world.

To the BeginnerEdit

If you're young, then you will have trouble with the positions (as opposed to fingerings or valvings). There are seven in total, ranging from not moving the slide at all to having it out all the way to the 'socks' (the little divits close to the end of the slide tubes). The spit valve is way on the curve of the slide, so if you don't have long arms, you can usually just rest the end on the ground, use your toe to press the spit valve end up, and blow in the mouthpiece to empty the condensation.

True or FalseEdit

None that I can think of yet!